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17 May 2024

Vote-Buying: Driven More by Social Norms than Economics?

Challenging assumptions about the drivers of vote-buying: It’s not the economy.

17 March 2024

Addressing Endemic Corruption: There’s Reason to Hope

More effective ways to address endemic corruption are emerging, here are three from CJL's Jared Miller.

14 January 2024

Weaponization, Retaliation, Diversion, Mobilization, Division – Oh my!!!

Conflict sensitivity in AC programs: Preliminary research shows how AC programs can unintentionally fuel conflict

22 October 2023

An Editor’s Three Provocations for the Anti-Corruption Field

By Alex Ralph, Editor, Corruption in Fragile States Blog At the end of October, I will step down as blog editor. interesting. es daunting odds.

26 April 2024

Factors and Actors: Fundamental Elements of Corruption Analysis

Systems mapping and stakeholder analysis are two excellent tools for corruption analysis.

24 February 2024

Two Years into the War in Ukraine: the Status of Anti-Corruption and the Challenges Ahead

The war in Ukraine two years on and the impact on anti-corruption efforts.

27 November 2023

If Anti-Corruption is a ‘Different Animal’, Do the Usual Approaches to Conflict Sensitivity Apply?

Conflict sensitivity in AC programs: why standard approaches might not be enough.

1 October 2023

Tired Language and Ineffective Reforms

Michael Johnston on the anti-corruption field’s stale language problem—and how it contributes to lazy thinking and ineffective reforms.

15 April 2024

In Defense of ‘Strategic Corruption’

Strategic Corruption must become part of the anti-corruption lexicon.

26 January 2024

Spoilt for Choice: Best of 2023

Corruption in Fragile States blog editor Catherine Garson chooses ‘five of the best’ from 2023. Find out what makes them excellent!

13 November 2023

Do’s and Don’ts when Identifying Social Norms in Contexts of Endemic Corruption

Drawing on invaluable lessons learnt, CJL’s Co-Director offers some useful Do’s and Don’ts for identifying social norms.

1 September 2023

Weapons Against Corruption In Ukraine: 5 Steps to Kill the Enemy Within

Martina Boguslavets offers a ground-level view of ongoing Ukrainian anti-corruption reforms plus essential reforms for reconstruction.

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