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Social Norms and Anti-Corruption: CJL Co-Director, Diana Chigas, Interviewed by Faculti

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30 Apr 2024

Diana Chigas of the Corruption, Justice and Legitimacy Program was interviewed by Faculti on the topic of social norms relating to anti-corruption.

The anti-corruption field is highly multidisciplinary, and it is important for practitioners to know that they must engage with multiple areas of society, including the political, social, and economic sectors. CJL recognizes this fact and focuses on the underexamined relationship between corruption and social norms. By advancing knowledge in this area, we can lead to the creation of more effective anti-corruption programming.

In a recent interview with Faculti, Diana Chigas discussed social norms and how they relate to corruption and anti-corruption. She also delves into the definition of social norms, making this a great resource for those not already acquainted with the field. Her explanation of the origin, proliferation and purpose of social norms makes this interview a valuable watch for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Watch the interview here!

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