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Presenting at the Conflict Sensitivity and Integration Working Group

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25 Oct 2023

Besa Global’s Diana Chigas and Lara Olson recently presented to the Alliance for Peacebuilding on the connection between anti-corruption and peacebuilding

On October 11, Diana Chigas and Lara Olson of Besa Global’s Corruption, Justice and Legitimacy Program presented the link between anti-corruption and peacebuilding to the Alliance for Peacebuilding. This presentation is part of CJL’s Corruption and Peacebuilding project, which seeks to foster greater collaboration between these two fields in order to pave the way for a more comprehensive and informed framework for conflict resolution and development in fragile and conflict-affected states.

In their presentation, Diana and Lara explained how anti-corruption is a key component of peacebuilding, and how corruption can exacerbate conflict and inhibit conflict resolution. Beyond this, they explained how anti-corruption initiatives that lack conflict sensitivity may exacerbate conflict by fueling grievances and widening divides between conflicting groups. Practitioners of both anti-corruption and peacebuilding can benefit from an improved understanding of these relationships.

Besa Global is committed to improving knowledge in the anti-corruption field and fostering collaboration between different fields to create more effective anti-corruption initiatives. To learn more about our work or to collaborate with us, get in touch here!

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