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New CJL Video: Introduction to Corruption Analysis

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28 Feb 2023

In this short video, Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church and Peter Woodrow explain the what, why, and how of a corruption analysis

An essential step in creating effective anti-corruption programs is performing a corruption analysis, which identifies the drivers and enablers influencing corruption and the actors involved.

In this short video, CJL’s Co-Director Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church and Senior Advisor Peter Woodrow explain the basics of corruption analysis and what distinguishes it from investigations and risk assessments. Endemic corruption is not only the result of driving factors but also part of the complexities perpetuating the cycle, enabling factors that create a situation in which corruption can occur and flourish throughout the system.

Corruption analysis also involves analyzing stakeholders. It is crucial to know what actors are benefiting and suffering because of corrupt practices within a system. A proper corruption analysis untangles the complex web of power, social dynamics, and other factors that lead to corruption and allows effective anti-corruption programs and policies to be created and implemented.

Watch the video here!

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