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Invited to present on System Thinking to USAID

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22 Sept 2023

CJL's Diana Chigas and Peter Woodrow were recently invited by USAID to present on systems thinking.

Earlier this month, Diana Chigas and Peter Woodrow of the Corruption, Justice and Legitimacy Program were invited by USAID to present on systems thinking, an in depth method of conceptualizing and understanding corrupt acts and the actors and enablers connected to them. Systems thinking uses maps and causal loops diagrams to reveal these actors, relationships, and cycles within different situations. In their presentation, Diana and Peter explained the basics of systems thinking as well as its potential uses in different development, peacebuilding, and anti-corruption initiatives.

CJL is committed to understanding corruption in a meaningful and dynamic way in order to effectively improve anti-corruption programming. Our research focuses on both theoretical concepts and practical considerations involved in mitigating corruption. We are dedicated to improving knowledge in this field among all anti-corruption practitioners.

If you have questions about systems thinking or want to receive more information, reach out and connect with us via our Brightspots letter.

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