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CJL Welcomed Back for Another Securityscape Podcast on Corruption and Conflict

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28 Jul 2023

In a recent episode of the Securityscape podcast, CJL’s Co-Directors, Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church and Diana Chigas, discuss the links between corruption and conflict.

Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church and Diana Chigas appeared in a recent episode of the Securityscape podcast, hosted by the Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary.

In this episode, our Co-Directors discuss how corruption and conflict reinforce each other, creating a vicious cycle that is difficult to break. Conflict creates a climate where corruption is less likely to be discovered and punished, and money generated through corrupt avenues frequently fuels violence. Anti-corruption cannot be an afterthought in such situations and instead must be an ongoing effort employed in tandem with conflict resolution.

Listen to the episode here!

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