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CJL Participates in USAID Presentation on the Relationship Between Social Norms and Corruption

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21 Jun 2024

CJL Co-Director Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church recently presented to USAID on the link between social norms and corruption.

Since 2023, CJL has been collaborating with RTI International to understand how social norms relate to corruption and how they can undermine anti-corruption programming. This work has led to two studies: one in the Philippines and another with a government anti-corruption agency in an unnamed African country. This research is part of CJL’s effort to translate anti-corruption research into concrete lessons for practitioners.

In a recent presentation for USAID, CJL Co-Director Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church presented on social norms in corruption and anti-corruption programming alongside members of RTI International. In the presentation, Cheyanne highlighted how practitioners should consider both the actions and inactions that characterize corrupt behaviors. Practitioners should also note the strength of particular norms when assessing factors that contribute to corruption.

To watch a recording of the presentation, visit this link. To learn more about CJL’s research on the relationship between social norms and corruption, check out CJL’s Corruption in Fragile States Blog.

We also wrote a paper on this topic, “Understanding Corruption and Social Norms: A Case Study in Natural Resource Management”.

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