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CJL and PIC Meet and Collaborate in Nigeria on Gender Norms in Corruption

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17 May 2024

CJL and PIC Meet and Collaborate in Nigeria on the intersection of Gender Norms, Faith Norms, Social Norms, and Corrupt Behaviors in the Health Sector.

Diana Chigas, Co-Director of the Corruption, Justice and Legitimacy Program recently returned from Nigeria, where she met with members of the Policy Innovation Centre and Dr. Paul Bukuluki, CJL's Methodological Lead on our Gender & Social Norms Project. While she was there, they discussed and made plans for CJL’s newest research endeavor in collaboration with the PIC, focusing on understanding and addressing corruption in the health sector.

This project will inform the CJL initiative of understanding the intersections between corruption and gender norms, faith norms, and norms associated with other social identities. While these intersections are known to exist, they are understudied and not well understood. CJL plans to fill this gap by publishing blogs, research findings and new thinking about how these different norms interact with each other, and how social norms change programming can be adapted in response.

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