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CJL’s New Collaboration with YAC in Lebanon

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6 Apr 2021

Online Learning Module on Values and Social Norms

At CJL, we have been reflecting on the long path we traveled to grasp the complexities of social norms and corruption. Along that path we have seen how challenging it has been for various actors — from development workers to local anti-corruption practitioners — to allocate the time and energy to engage in the labyrinth of materials and then apply it to their programming.

To support those working against corruption, in collaboration with the Lebanon’s Youth Against Corruption (YAC) team, we will be developing an introductory learning module on “Values and Social Norms.” This will act as module 2 for YAC’s upcoming youth-focused, online course to raise awareness on corruption across sectors. This module will look at:

  1. how social norms influence corrupt behavior; and

  2. what one could do as individuals to shift social norms that drive corrupt behavior.

YAC is a Youth-led community project founded in 2018 with the aim of contributing to controlling and preventing corruption in Lebanon in more innovative and efficient ways through social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and collective intelligence. YAC’s online course has been funded by the UNODC, as part of a collective effort initiated by UNESCO, UNFPA and UNODC to promote youth-led rehabilitation efforts to support local communities affected by the recent Beirut Blast.

We are looking forward to our work with YAC and engaging with the youth in Lebanon.

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