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Another year involved in the teaching of IACA's anti-corruption course!

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30 May 2023

From corruption analysis to theories of change, CJL’s approach to anti-corruption practice via IACA’s course has something to offer every practitioner.

Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church, Executive Director of Besa Global, and Peter Woodrow, CJL’s Senior Advisor, have been part of the teaching effort on the second year of the Anti-Corruption Collective Action Certificate (ACA) at the International Anti-Corruption Academy.

Working with an experienced and diverse group of anti-corruption practitioners, we covered:

  • systems mapping for corruption analysis,

  • social norms

  • stakeholder analysis,

  • and theory of change thinking.

Want a taste of this course’s offerings? Peter and Cheyanne explain corruption analysis in a recent video we made, watch it here.

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