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Common Patterns: A Fast Forward Tool for Systemic Corruption Analysis

Corruption as a System

By Peter Woodrow


This Working Paper explores the potential for using generic systems maps that represent “common patterns” of corruption as a way to fast forward the process of systems analysis in order to move on to the design of anti-corruption interventions. This is not a step-by-step manual for systems mapping, although excellent manuals do exist. However, it does place the use of Common Patterns in context and explores how to integrate the Common Patterns into corruption analysis.

This Working Paper is part of the Corruption, Justice and Legitimacy (CJL) Program’s “Corruption as a System Project,” which offers technical assistance to implementers and donors as they integrate corruption analysis into their program development or evaluation processes. Working Papers are CJL’s way of sharing initial findings that are substantial and worthy of review but still open to evolution and improvement through scrutiny from the community of practice.

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