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Adapting Anti-Corruption Strategies in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings: A Literature Review

Corruption and Peacebuilding

By Rosemary Ventura


This paper identifies the prominent debates in the literature on how to adapt anti-corruption strategies for fragile and conflict-affected settings (FCAS). Across the international development community, there is growing attention to the interconnected relationships between conflict and corruption, in addition to the well-documented ways in which systemic corruption inhibits sustainable development. However, there is little consensus among scholar and practitioner communities alike on how to adapt anti-corruption strategies for FCAS. Effective and conflict-sensitive anti-corruption strategies become exponentially more challenging in settings with low institutional capacity, unstable political settlements, and ongoing conflict or conflict-related social tensions. In addition to capturing the most salient ongoing discussions on how to support successful and appropriate anti-corruption strategies in FCAS, this paper identifies significant gaps in the evidence base.

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