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New CJL Resource: Social Norms Roadmap

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26 Jun 2023

CJL has published an easy-to-navigate guide for our various resources on the relationship between social norms and corruption.

At CJL, we understand that the relationship between social norms and corruption is complex. Because of the difficult nature of this relationship, we’ve created a simple, interactive, easy-to-navigate guide of our best resources on the topic, in our Social Norms Roadmap.

You can find the roadmap here.

This clickable roadmap will help those working in the anti-corruption field learn key concepts, regardless of their approach or experience level. For those already acquainted with the basics, the roadmap offers in-depth glimpses into important elements of social norms and anti-corruption. Our resources offer theoretical concepts as well as practical takes such as in our Short Guides Series “Social Norms in Practice” or “Why Social Norms Matter to Anti-Corruption”.

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